Can We All Just Get Along

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Can We All Just Get Along?
Michelle Powell
COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Lacey Miller
September 5, 2011

Can We All Just Get Along
How many times have you heard the phase “Can we all just get along”? Miscommunication happens all the time with spouses, children, parents, teachers and even bosses and co-workers. It is a fact of life that there will be laps of communication in your relationships you have throughout your life. The real test is learning from your mistakes or from mistaken identity in the communication world; to become a better communicator and listener to accomplish the right dialog for the moment or situation at hand. In this paper I will be sharing my thoughts and comments about miscommunication and ways to correct it; commenting on “Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication” I will address as well.

There have been many instances where a message has gotten across to an individual that should have been interpreted one way, but instead it was heard differently which may have caused strife of some sort and hurt feelings. Or it could have been misinterpreted in such a way that caused both parties involved to begin to laugh uncontrollably over what was said. For instance, I went to the credit union with my mom and the young man behind the counter asked my mom if we were sisters. My mom answered back and I thought I heard her say that I was her mom, but in fact what she had said was “I’m my mom”, she was referring to herself. We laughed so hard afterwards it was hilarious. I was thinking she said I was her mom and she is calling herself her mom; very funny moment in miss communication.

Some laps of communication are handled with laughter, while others can be confusing and must be discussed until an understanding can be reached. . Even some siblings can have a great misunderstanding with one another and instead of fixing the problem they lose all form of communication to deal with their issue and pain that it caused. The...
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