Communication Differences

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Communication Differences between Genders
“I intend to inform the audience that opposite genders communicates differently at home, at work, and even at play.” Introduction
A. Attention Getter: “Have you ever wondered what the moon and sun would say to each other if they were given an opportunity to communicate?” B. “While the moon and sun are in the same galaxy, there is high possibility that they do not see the world in the same way; perceptions of the world appear to be as different for men and women.” C. Relevance/Importance: “Men and women’s brains develop differently, brains develop at different rates, and men and women have different social experiences. Stating that, you all should know how to communicate with the opposite gender better.” D. Credibility: “In preparation of this speech, I read several articles online on the subject, I observed my peers communicating to each other, and like most other people, I try to understand how opposite genders see the world.” E. Forecast: “This afternoon, I am going to highlight a few research findings that sparked my attention when I was researching communication differences between genders at home, at work, and at play.” Transition Statement: “Let us look into the everyday lives of genders at home.” Body

A. Gender differences are observed at home.
1) According to Dr. Deborah Tannen, males do what is known as “report talk” conveying facts and solving problems. a. Males think of their homes as a place to retreat and relax, meaning no talking. b. Males tend to play the role of a teacher - like a superior. 2) Females engage in consisting of establishing and nurturing relationships. a. Females view home as a time to talk intimately and often. b. Females tend to play the role of a listener; similar to a student. Transition: “Let us now peek at our couple at work.”

B. Gender differences are evident at work.
1. Males like to give direct orders.
2. Females are not...
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