Communication at an Early Years Setting

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Explain how Communication Affects Relationships in the Work Setting, and Identify the Different reasons People Communicate. Good and bad communication can affect all of us, particularly working with children, and young people. Good communication can ensure a happy and safe environment for all. It helps practitioners work effectively together, a manager work well with all staff, and for us all as professionals to ensure the child is learning and developing happily, with the support of the parents. All of which comes with much communication. Bad communication, however, can result in unhappy practitioners, managers, and parents, and children who could potentially be at risk. Communication does not only need to be good within the setting, but within any agency that works with the setting, if the communication is good between a setting and other agencies then children who need additional support or any other kind of support will have their needs met, if the communication is bad with other agencies then a child with additional could suffer badly, this could also have an effect if the setting thought as child was at risk at home, if the communication is bad between the setting and agency, and there is little trust, this child could be at serious harm. On an average day within a setting, a practitioner will be communicating constantly, with other practitioners, managers, children and parents, here are something that will need to be communicated them, and the effect that good and bad communication would have on these. •Practitioners

oAn activity you have planned. You would need to communicate clearly what the activity is, what the Children will have to do when doing the activity, and anything that is likely to go wrong. With good communication the activity would run smoothly, and children would develop any skills within the activity, it may also help the other practitioner, if any of their key children are doing the activity, they could notice something the child does, that the practitioner hasn’t noticed before, however with bad communication the activity may not even be completed, the children could potentially get hurt, and it would leave the manager with little trust with you. oIf a child has hurt themselves, you need to tell the practitioner to either stay with the child while you are getting appropriate medical care, or ask them to get any medical care while you stay with the child, ensuring you are clear about what you may need e.g. bandages, plasters, antiseptic wipes. With good communication the child would be calmed down, and have appropriate medical fast, and done well, however with bad communication the child could end up with a worse injury and a complaint by a parent may be made, due to the lacking of care for their child. oIf a child has been hurt by another child you need to tell the practitioner to take care of the injured child while you talk to the other child, ensuring the practitioner knows what has happened so can take appropriate action. With good communication the child that has been hurt will receive good and fast medical care, and the child that has hurt them has been told the consequences of their actions, and been punished accordingly ensuring that that child is still safe. With bad communication the child who has been hurt would not get any medical care, and the child who hurt them may not be spoken to, and then hurt another child. oIf a parent has made a request for the child that day (‘Can you make sure you keep asking them if they need the toilet’ or ‘Can you make sure my child is carful with their hand as they cut it.’). You would make sure the other practitioners knew this to follow this out for the benefit not only of the parent but of the child as well. With Good communication the child would be safe, and happy, as would the parent. With bad communication the child could make an injury worse, or could struggle to get used to a routine, and they have an effect on...
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