Communication and Food Safety

Topics: Communication, Hygiene, Food safety Pages: 8 (2758 words) Published: May 23, 2013
To summarize the article given, it is the problem on the communication barriers at the workplace. One of the problems is supervisor giving out inconsistent messages which causes miscommunication. As stated, several factors are the cause of communication barriers as such different cultural or ethnic background and wide range age group of employees working. To have a deeper understanding on the problem faced, Barry, who is ServeSafe certified is taken as an example to link to the problem. The owner of the restaurant is aware of the food safety issue hence they are supportive toward Barry in his food safety efforts but because of high turnover of employees, eventually food training safety is omitted. It seems like the food safety issue is getting serious when one day Barry stepped into the kitchen and noticed several trays of uncooked meat sitting out in the kitchen area. After all these incidents, he has taken many effort to get employees to be safe in how the handle food.

1. What are the communication challenges and barriers Barry faces? Introduction:
Communication is a process of exchange and flow of information, thoughts and feelings between people through verbal communication, non-verbal communication and written communication. The message is sent by a sender through a communication channel to a receiver. The sender must encode the message into a form that is appropriate to the communication channel. The receiver will then decode the message to understand its meaning and significance. However, misunderstanding can occur at any stage of the communication process. As shown in the case study, Barry who is a foodservice manager at a casual dining restaurant faces communication challenges and barriers in managing all employees in the back of the house. Content:

One of the communication challenges and barriers Barry faces is generational barriers. This can be clearly seen in the case study that the employees working in the back of the house range in age from 16 years old to 55 years old. Having employees in various age categories interacting at the workplace can pose a unique set of challenges. This is because every generation has its own style of communication. For example, the younger generation may use shortened messaging in placing the customers’ orders and their vocabulary may not be consistent with that of the older employees. Besides, difference in work values and attitude may also affect communication between the younger and older employees. Hence, this will make it difficult for the employees to interact with each other.

In addition, Barry faces cultural and ethnic barriers in the communication process. This is due to the diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds which the employees come from. It may be a challenge for Barry to overcome the cultural differences in food safety practices. For example, several trays of uncooked meat are placed at room temperature for quite some time in the kitchen area. This shows that different cultures have different food safety practices. Moving on, language is also one of the main barriers faces by Barry. Many of the employees do not speak English as their primary language and thus making the verbal communication a challenge at times. For example, if the sender and the receiver cannot understand the languages of each other, the communication will not give the intended effect. Not only that, the use of dialect and inappropriate words can cause confusions and misunderstanding during the communication process. These might cause the services of the restaurant to be delayed.

Furthermore, emotional barriers will interfere with the effective communication. Emotional can be tough to overcome but it is important to put aside to engage in conversations. The relationship between the sender and receiver might adversely affect the message. For example, Barry was frustrated when he saw several trays of uncooked meat sitting at room temperature for quite some time. This may...
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