Communication and Employability Skills for It

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The use of IT to aid Communication and Personal Development Plan| CIS – ND4|
Unit 1 - Communication and Employability Skills for IT|
Shaun Baldacchino|

Table of Contents

Task 1 – Scenario 13

1. Write a report based on the following:3


Furniture & Accessories5

Choosing the Right TV12



2.Which IT software was used to develop this report?18

3.Explain how the IT software used, aided you in the completion of the report18

Task 219

Question 119

a.Prepare a PDP for the group for the above mentioned training session. Your PDP should have the following format.19

b. Indicate how the Step by Step will be affected by the individual learning patterns.19

Task 1 – Scenario 1

1. Write a report based on the following:

As per your client’s request, summarize the relevant information (approx. 700 words, section titles and references not included) presenting options as requested. Your report should follow the structure and guidelines below:

a. Title Page
b. Introduction – summarize requests made by clients
c. Choice of Furniture – options for sofa, reading corner and bookcase. Accessories for these may also be included here (minimum 2 options for each item) d. Flat Screen Technology – options which fit the requirements above (minimum 2) e. Recommendations – your choices from sections c and d f. Setup of open plan – drawing of completed open plan

g. References

Living room suggestions & recommendations
Living room suggestions & recommendations
Submitted to
Mr & Ms Domenico


Shaun Baldacchino
Interiors ltd.


Mr & Ms Domenico are moving into an apartment soon and I’ve been asked to decorate and design their living room. Their needs are very basic and I will be giving suggestions and recommendations of goods they would buy.

Basic needs are: TV, Sofa & a Bookcase.

Furniture & Accessories


Option 1: S1301 Corner Right Sofa

Price: €1199 Inc. vat

Colours: White or Brown

Materials: Leather or Microfiber

Width:| 163cm|
Depth:| 89cm|
Height:| 86cm|
| |

Option 2: 955 3 Seater x2 Manual Recliners

Price: €701.25 Inc. vat

Colours: Dark Brown, Grain Cream, Dark Beige,
Chocolate or Dark Grey.

Materials: Leather or Lethe


Width:| 101cm|
Height:| 101cm|



Option 1: Bookcase Unit

Price:€1529 Inc. vat

Colours: Only F Wenge


Width:| 332cm|
Depth:| 39cm|
Height:| 220cm|

Option 2: Flow Bookcase

Price:€51.70 Inc. vat

Colours: Beech or White


Width:| 70cm|
Depth:| 298cm|
Height:| 158cm|



Reading chair

Option 1: S1306 Massage Armchair

Price:€1099 Inc. vat

Colours: White or Chocolate

Materials: Leather


Width:| 91cm|
Depth:| 103cm|
Height:| 100cm|
| |

Option 2: SFM05A Armchair

Price:€453.75 Inc. vat

Colours: Black or Coffee


Width:| 77cm|
Depth:| 84cm|
Height:| 77cm|

Coffee Table

Option 1: Coffee Table 1

Price:€143 Inc. vat

Colours: Glass

Materials: Chrome


Width:| 120cm|
Depth:| 70cm|
Height:| 43cm|

Option 2: Coffee Table 2

Price:€149 Inc. vat

Colours: Wenge or Rovere

Materials: Wood


Width:| 130cm|
Depth:| 70cm|...
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