Combating Water Pollution

Topics: Water pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Drinking water Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: September 8, 2008
Combating Water Pollution

Water is an essential part of life. People need clean water to drink, bathe and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this natural resource. How does water pollution occur? Some types of water pollution may occur through natural process but it is mostly a result of human activities. People use water everyday at home and in industries, approximately one hundred and fifty gallons per day per person is used in the United States (U.S Environmental Protection Agency). Used water of a community is called sewage, if not treated properly; it is discharged into waterways water pollution will occur. There are different types of water pollution. Estimates suggest that nearly 1.5 billion people lack safe drinking water and that at least 5 million deaths per year can be attributed to waterborne diseases (Water Pollution and Society). Microbiological is disease-causing organisms like bacteria, protozoa and viruses. They can cause people to get sick. A variety of chemicals from metals and solvents are poisonous to fish and other ocean life. Nutrients may cause nuisance growth of aquatic weeds and algae. Weeds can make a lake unsuitable for swimming and clog waterways. Suspended matter such as soil and wash off from plowed field causes silt when it rains. When silt enters the waterway the waters depth is reduced and ocean life and their environment may suffocate.

To combat this problem I would create a detailed water pollution guide. The guide would have material on source water assessments and source water protection. This information will have ready to use materials and resources that are user friendly and easy for the audience to read. I would attend workshops on water pollution and get ideas on how to present the information to the community. Public awareness is important to helping the community understand how to protect our drinking water sources. This also includes educating people in the community on the dangers...
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