Combat Medics

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Combat Medics
To become a Medic in the United States Army it takes a lot of strength, determination and training for days weeks and even months. As a Combat Medic while on the battle field they hold many responsibilities. Combat Medics must have the strength of mind to help save the injured lives along with their troops and their own. Combat medics or any soldier must have a good sense of awareness all of what is around them and what they could be walking into. Being on the battle field soldiers must expect the worst and hope for the best.

To become a soldier even before boot camp there are a series of test that must be completed to ensure that the best of the best are being made into soldiers. The first test that a potential soldier must take is what is called the A.S.V.S.B test (Armed Services Vocational Battery). This is a multiple choice test given to test the common knowledge of a potential soldier. It mainly consist topics such as Math, English, and Writing, someone going into the army must score at least at 31 on the test to be able to go on to boot camp. Along with the knowledge test there is a physical fitness test that is given. This is to ensure that a person who enters the boot camp has the ability to keep up with all of the physical activity they will experience while in boot camp training. There are different criteria’s to determine if a person passes or fails such as gender and age. I will use myself for an example, Gender: female Age group: 22-26, for pushups I would have to do a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 50, for Sit ups I would have to do a minimum of 50 and maximum of 80, and last the two mile run the minimum time is 19:36 and the maximum time is 15:36. If a person is unable to perform these exercises in a consecutive order they will be asked to go to the end of the line and do the excises over. If they cannot complete it they may not be able to go on to boot camp. “Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery” Wikipedia <>

After all of the goals above have been reached the next step to becoming a soldier is to enter into the boot camp program. It is a nine week program which will push a person to their limits, but this will help ensure that a person is ready for any situation they may face while serving in the United States Army. During boot camp some of the skills that will be learned include basic rifle marksmanship, hand grenade qualifications, physical training, training in field environment, and a variety of common task skills. One of the most dreaded parts of boot camp that I have heard from my friends who have served would be the gas chamber. Soldiers must enter in a chamber filled with a gas called Ortho-Chlorbenzylidenedimalonitrile (C.S.) also known as tear gas. This gas burns the eyes and burns the lungs as it is breathed in. This is a very important task it helps prepare a soldier for chemical hazards and how to use their NBC equipment (protective mask).Volkin, Michael SGT. “To The Gas Chamber.” Online Posting. 6 October, 2005. Homepage. <> Boot camp is broken down into three major phases, first is the Patriot Phase which teaches soldierization skills including Army Core values, military customs and courtesies along with drill and ceremony. The second is the Gun Fighter Phase, where soldiers are introduced to their fire arms and how to properly handle them, the last stage is the Warrior Phase soldiers learn more individual skills, preparing for their success when they reach their AIT (advanced Individual Training) units, which is where if someone is interested gets ready for the extensive training to become a combat medic. Army Basic Training-Boot Camp.Homepage.<>

Training for a medic is at U.S. Army Medical Department AMEDD center and...
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