How to Become a Jag Officer

Topics: Bar association, State Bar of California, Law Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Graduate from an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school. Visit the ABA's website for a list of approved law schools in your state.

Take your state's bar examination. You must be accepted by the state bar and approved to practice law in order to be eligible to become a JAG lawyer.

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Ensure that you are younger than 42 years of age. You must be younger than 42 because the JAG corps require you to commit to 20 years of service before the age of 62.

Develop and commit to a strenuous exercise routine. You must be mentally and physical fit to be accepted by the JAG Corps. Be ready to pass a serious of background checks as well.

Complete a U.S. Army Active Duty JAG Corps Officer application or the Navy Jag Corps Officer application. Submit the application and materials. Supplemental materials may include law school transcripts, resume of employment history, state bar certification and a 4,000-word essay about why you want to become a JAG lawyer. Also, you have the option of submitting letters of recommendation and additional essays.

Upon acceptance, the U.S. Army requires you to attend a 12-week basic course in Virginia, followed by two six-week direct commissioned officer and basic officer leadership courses. The Navy will select its final candidates and enroll them in legal training programs.

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