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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Friendship can mean so much to a person. You always hear about people saying that their soul mate is their boyfriend or husband but in some cases you hear people say that a girl friend is their soul mate and someone they tell everything to and share all life’s big moments with. In my case I do have that kind of friendship with my best friend Shelby Fullerton. Shelby is someone that has been there for me through all my trials that I have faced. We have had many times where we sit down and we just talk and express everything we are feeling inside. I have talked to her about new loves in my life and the breakups after. I have talked to her about family issues and told her things that I haven’t told anyone expect for family. But that is the funny thing about Shelby, she is family, she is considered one of the Jones daughters and I am considered an Edlen girl. We do not just talk and sit in a room though we do plenty of outside activities and have so much fun together. There is always a great mixture of the two different activities because most of the time that we are doing something fun we are usually talking to each other as well. Talking has and will always be a huge part of Shelby and I’s relationship because of the fact that she is someone that I trust with anything and everything but she is also someone that I can go the bars with, shopping and lay out by the pool with during the summer. We never have a dull moment when we actually go out and party. It’s a part that keeps our relationship full of unexpected surprises and good stories that will last us a lifetime. Through all the stories and fun times that Shelby and I have had we are always there to reaffirm our friendship and commitment as best friends to each other. Writing on each other’s facebook, twitter and even texting each other telling each other that we miss each other and love each other. Being at different schools now there are times where we don’t get to see each other and now majority of times we...
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