Colonization in Early America

Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Walter Raleigh, Roanoke Colony Pages: 6 (2543 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Elizabeth 1 argues that dividing up English resources is a bad idea Colonies were a bad idea 2: wanted to put government funding toward protestant causes 3 Sir Walter Ralegh was the earliest Englishman to make an actual attempt at colonization 1 America became attractive to English policy makers in 1580s 4 1 Let it not be grievance to you that you have been instruments to break the ice for others, and you shall receive credit until the worlds end 1 Humphrey gilbert 1578 only men first attempt at colonizing

2 In 1606 the charter for the Va company of London was issued
3 After the first year only thirty eight of the original one hundred and eight colonist were alive 4 5

“Captain Smith also made very detailed maps of the New England coast and it was likely that his maps were used to find the next English settlement” 6 7

The history of the English establishing roots in the New World: The background and history of the process it took England to establish successful colonies in the New World. What were the reasons behind it why did things end up the way they are now? How the English go from being delayed to establishing the best colony ever How the English were able to establish long lasting colonies Today everyone knows about the colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth and how they were the first two permanent English settlements in North America. The establishment of those two colonies are one of the main reasons why England was able to control the entire east coast of America. What did it take for the English to establish these colonies and what is the background behind England colonizing the New World? Why were the English so late in colonizing in the New World compared to other countries? Many factors play a key role in answering these three questions. The English had to sacrifice many resources even people lives in order to have colonies in the New World and the process of English colonization was affected by many things much as chaos over religious reformation in England, foreign countries such as the Spanish, and many other events that took place around the world in the sixteenth century. English colonization of the New World was a process that started decades before they were able to produce a successful plantation and what was thought to be a waste of time became one of the largest colonies of all time. The English were nearly one hundred years behind the Spanish and lacked interest in early colonization in the New World. During the sixteenth century the English crown was more concerned with items such as the Reformation than colonizing in the New World. People such as Sir Walter Raleigh believed colonization overseas colonization would benefit England. While on the other hand Elizabeth l and others officials at the time believed colonizing would be a waste of time. “Elizabeth l...
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