Colombia vs Usa

Topics: United States, North America, Colombia Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Living in two different countries is an experience that opens people’s mind to a new way of thinking. In my case, I have lived in Colombia and in the United States, and now I understand better United States than ever before. Colombia and the United States have differences in geography, traditions, and economy. The first difference is the geography. Colombia has 32 states. This country is located in South America. There are mountains almost everywhere in the country, but especially where the Amazons River, known as the greatest river on the earth, is located. On the contrary, the United States has 50 states. This country is located in North America. The mountains are found in some states, but especially in the ones located on the north part of the country. Those differences in geography are reflected in the lifestyle of both countries, this differences are reflected in the seasons, because Colombia do not have seasons and United States do. The second difference is about the traditions in both countries. In Colombia, most of the population is Catholic. Other religions than the Catholic are less common in this country, so most people share the same traditions about the same religion. Also, Colombia has very typical food. Almost every state has its own traditional dish. For example, ‘Bandeja paisa’ is a typical dish from Antioquia, one of the biggest states in Colombia. Moreover, the family life style in this country includes that children live with their parents until they get married, so it is common to find big families. Conversely, in the United States there are people with different religions. Also, this is a very diverse country in population, because people from many places have emigrated from their native countries and came to the United States to live. As a result, in many places in the United States residents and visitors can enjoy food from all over the world. In addition, as part of the family life style in this country is normal that children move from...
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