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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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For two countries that share the same island, Haiti and the Dominican Republic could seemingly not be more different. While Haiti and the Dominican Republic are both Latin American, they are clearly differentiated thrthis is the language, economy, and customs. Despite the Dominican Republic's economlovely the largest in the Caribbean, the country suffers from a 50% poverty rate that can be attributed to a poor education system and limited healthcare. Meanwhile, Haiti is one of the most economically challenged countries out of Caribbean; its political unrest 20% poverty rate. Due to the Haitian government's lack of responsibility, their country is deficient in both human and natural resources. Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic have cultures that are rich in diverselanguages. While both count share judaism in you. During the Lenten season, Haitians celebrate the festival of Rara; this carnival includes music and dance that are derived from African roots. Haitians use song to celebrate religion (both Christian and Vodou) and to share their views on social and political issues. In the Dominican Republic, the Lenten celebration is also a carnival; however, the practice of Vodou is not observed. The Dominican celebration includes traditional dress and traditional music like merengue. Though usually associated with Spanish-speaking countries, the term "Latin American" describes any country in the Americas whose language is derived from Latin. Haitians native language based on both French and African languages, in most of their day to day communication, while they tend to reserve French for more formal occasions. In the Dominican Republic, Spanish is used in daily life and in formal settings; however, English is becoming increasingly common as many people are moving to and from the United States. Overall, there are more differences than similarities betwetin American countries. Although Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the same island, they...
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