College Life Can Be Full of Strife!

Topics: Part-time, University, Money Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: February 21, 2013
The cost of tuition goes up annually while the financial aid window slowly closes. How can upcoming college students keep up with today’s gruesome charges? Getting a part-time job will suppress the finances while keeping one on their toes. Acquiring a part-time job can have positive and negative effects on someone including earning extra money (increasing self-esteem), organization and multi-tasking skills, but most importantly homework and social life.

First, earning a little extra money can be that piece to ones puzzle causing a boost in their self-esteem. Depending on what college one decides to attend, it can mean a fairly hefty loan hovering above ones head. With a part-time job one could cut the loan in half making it easier to pay for tuition. Saving for the future is always a great idea and having a part-time job will put one in an “I used my own money to pay for/buy this” kind of attitude. It is a real downer constantly asking parents for money to do what they would like so it will help one be more independent and get a feel for what the real world is like. As a matter of fact, one with a part-time job in college will obtain organization and multi-tasking skills, which are vital to have in college. Being organized helps a cluttered mind breathe. When it comes to the college life partying is the first thing that usually pops into peoples mind. All of the partying will easily make one venture off track but in order to stay on top of the game multi-tasking must come into play. It is all about balance. Going to work before, after or between classes will keep one running and no one can move freely with a messy area. Having a job could improve the neatness of ones overall aura. Most importantly, one of the main reasons young people get jobs, is to help with responsibility. It will better ones sense of time and realize the essence of it. Of course it is great to earn money for oneself and obtain vital skills, but the whole reason one attends college is to...
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