Children and Housework

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Topic: In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

As the matter of fact, in both Vietnam and many other countries all over the world, teenagers usually have some part time jobs during their school time. However, it has recently come up as a controversial issue that whether students should work part time or not. In my opinion, I agree with the standpoint that it is a good idea for teenagers to work part time even when they are students for three reasons.

First, working on a part-time basis, teenagers can have practical work experience which helps prepare them for their future careers. Actually, it is by no means certain that students can improve their work skills without a real exposure to work. Hence, no matter how hard they have to cope with both tasks of study and work at the same time, they get certain experience overcoming their obstacles, solving bad situations or knowing how to get rid of similar failures.

Second, teenagers doing part time jobs can earn money to pay for their cost of living and studying. In fact, many teenagers who study at a university in big cities are from the countryside, so they need a large sum of money to spend on their rent, school fee, foods and drinks. Only when working part-time can they earn enough to adapt to costly city life.

Third, once working part time, students will be more independent. Unlike those students who don’t work part-time, teenaged part-timers usually make determined effort to solve any problems by themselves. Take my roommate as an example; he used to be rather reluctant to carry out a heavy task by himself since he often felt uncertain whether he could manage his time or take responsibility for his decision. Nonetheless, he has turned out to be very confident and independent in his study as well as his work since he started a part-time job.

In brief, it is definitely...
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