College Football Recruiting

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* Introduction to College Football Recruiting at ETHS

College Football Opportunities
Division I, Bowl subdivision, 11 conferences, football athletic scholarships ( Division IAA, Football Championship subdivision – 15 conferences, some athletic scholarships, some selective schools without athletic, but with need based scholarships like Patriot and Ivy Leagues ( Division II, 14 conferences, athletic scholarships ( Division III, 26 conferences, no athletic scholarships ( NAIA – 13 conferences, athletic scholarships ( Junior colleges – 71 two year schools, some athletic scholarships ( Prep schools – post high school graduation, private school year (PG) Big event calendar

Junior year
ETHS head coach mailing to college coaches about junior prospects Mailings from college coaches to school and home
College football program open houses
First half senior year
July 1 – beginning of official college coach recruiting season Up to 5 paid for official visits to college football programs November 1 – Early application date for certain Division IAA colleges January 1 – Standard college application deadline

Second half senior year
February – first football National Letter of Intent Signing Day with colleges ( April – second National Letter of Intent Signing Day
Key Roles
ETHS college advisors – very knowledgeable, academic focus ETHS coaches – prepare highlights DVDs, make recommendations to college coaches, advise athletes, focus on good environment for student athlete Athlete and parents – identify schools, narrow choices, pursue coaches and self promote, push for commitments, commit at best time Third party advisors

Division I, Division II, and NAIA – scholarship focused consultants like NCSA Recruiting ( Division IAA, Division III –non athletic scholarship focused consultants like Suzane...
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