Cold War

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The Cold War was a period of hostility, fear, and tension between the United States and the Soviet Union from the end of the 1940s to late 1980s. Like what Winston Churchill said, the world has been divided by the “Iron Curtain” during the Cold War between the Communists and the capitalists. It was called the Cold War because it was only a psychological warfare with no active wars between the two nations, which were due to the fear of nuclear arms. The result of the Cold War affected the world tremendously. It lead the USSR to ultimate destruction and bankruptcy but it also made America the number one super power in the world. The Cold War influenced nearly all aspects of America through technology, culture, and media.

Military based technology development was the key for both countries during the Cold War. Whether it was the Nuclear Race, or the Space Race, both were the keys to success. The Nuclear arms race was a competition for supremacy of the world during the cold war between the two nations along with their allies. Both America and Russia massively built up their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Some of the most important weapons and plans that are still in use today were developed like the ABM (antiballistic Missile), MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), and SAM (Surface-to-Air Missile). These massive inventions and productions of weaponry are what formed America’s military forces today. When America exploded the H-Bomb in 1952, the world changed greatly. The H-Bomb was invented and developed by Edward Teller; it was the changing point in technology for America. The bomb was smaller than the Atomic Bombs launched in Japan but 2500 times more powerful and when Russia produced an H-bomb in 1953, it brought the world fear and chaos. It was due to the arms race, NATO and the Warsaw Pact was formed. Even though the Warsaw Pact was formally dissolved July 1st, 1991, NATO is still very active today. One very dramatic moment during the time was the Cuba Missile Crisis. It brought fear to Americans when an American U2 spy plane detected missies pointing at the US from Cuba. It was due to this event that the brought tension between Cuba and America. To this day, American citizens are still banned to go to Cuba.

Due to the fear of nuclear attacks and Nuclear Winter, which is a hypothetical climatic effect of nuclear war, houses and building were designed to protect against such events. Like Mills High school, structures was designed and made from steel to use as bunkers. During the Cold War, Civil Defense, which is the organized non-military effort to prepare Americans for military attack was formed. Civil Defense instructed normal citizens to protect themselves by teaching them how to make a fallout shelter, and how to survive during a nuclear winter. It was very normal for a family to have rooms filled with canned goods and gas masks in their houses during that time. Due to the scare of the Red Scare and nuclear attacks, many old buildings were built and made canned goods popular in the U.S. Many inventions were made during the cold war that we are still using today, like the microwaves, and the Internet. Conceived and designed in the late 1970’s during the height of the cold war as a defense against nuclear war, the Internet was invented to send top-secret messages and plans in long distances. In modern days now, almost every person on earth uses the Internet. Internet is now used as a helpful tool to share knowledge, culture, and personal entertainments. Dr. Percy Spencer invented the first microwave oven after World War II from radar technology developed during the war by accident in 1945. Since then the use of the microwave had been very popular and a big market due to its ability to cook food much faster. It was due to the invention of the microwave that a new market had been developed. Microwavable goods like the packaged popcorn entered the market and it has been very popular since then. Many inventions were...
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