Cold War

Topics: World War II, Cold War, United States Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The Cold War was a period of time in which there was a rise in political and economic tension between the USA and the Soviet Union post World War 2. The purpose was to prevent the spread of communism and the domino theory.This event lasted from 1945 to 1985. The Cold war had a large effect on the United States domestic policy and American society. Things, people and events all played an effect on generations rapidly. One example of that had a large effect on the United States domestic policy and American society can be found in document 3. The document shows the gallup poll from 1953-1962. This showed society that war was a major conflict in the United States that occurred numerous times. People didn’t trust the government because it always resulted in a war, this caused people to feel more threatened and frightened. Society was being torn apart. In document 4 it shows people taking action and protesting against the rosenberg trial. Both pictures relate to julius and Ethyl Rosenberg who were arrested for being communist spies. The picture on the left shows people standing up for the rosenbergs meanwhile the picture the right were against them. This document proves how society rapidly became divided. This was the first time someone had was given the death sentence for espionage. Because of this one incident Americans lived in paranoia, they were lead to believe, mistakenly, that the country was full of communists trying to overthrow the government. After living in such fear americans began building bomb shelters shown in document 5. Although the United States was taking safety precautions for a nuclear bomb attack, like showing drills like duck and cover this document also shows that in result of the rosenberg trial american society had lost all trust and depended on themselves. Society wasn't the only thing affected by the cold war so was education in document 6 it shows a man pushing aside the general subjects (english, science ect.) to reach exceed in science....
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