Cold Comfort Farm and Sons and Lovers Representation of Family Life

Topics: Family, Sons and Lovers, Cold Comfort Farm Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: January 5, 2012
The representation of family life in Cold Comfort Farm and Sons and Lovers

Family life in Cold Comfort Farm ia portrayed negatively mostly throughout the novel. It’s one of the main themes in the novel and can be seen through Flora and the presentation of the ‘Starkadders’ (Flora’s distant relatives). Flora is not close to her family and says ‘If i find out i have any third cousins living at Cold Comfort called Seth, or Reuben, I shall not go’. This shows that she’s already stereotyping her own family, showing that she knows nothing about them. Stella Gibbons seems to challenge the conventional family life by overthrowing normal restrictions like roles and social status that would be placed upon women in society, like Flora. Flora is a very independant women in the novel and doesn’t rely on men so she can live her life. Whereas Mrs Morel is totally dependant on her sons, Paul and William. Sons and Lovers was the third novel published by D.H.Lawrence. The novel recounts the coming of age of Paul Morel, the second son of Gertrude Morel and her hard-drinking, working-class husband, Walter Morel, who made his living as a miner. As Mrs Morel tries to find meaning in her life and emotional fulfilment through her bond with Paul, Paul seeks to break free of his mother through developing relationships with other women.

In my chosen chapter for Cold Comfort Farm (chapter 2) Flora proceeds with her plan, despite Mary's disapproval. Mary goes out to look at a brassiere to possibly add to her massive collection. Meanwhile, Flora writes to a bachelor uncle in Scotland, an aunt in Worthing, a cousin in South Kensington, and distant relatives who live on a farm in Howling, Sussex, known as Cold Comfort Farm. She takes time in stylize each letter to the relatives' personalities, but as she knows nothing of the ones in Sussex, she keeps that one very straightforward. Three days later, Flora receives replies from all the relatives and looks at them with Mary. They all welcome...
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