Cognitive Learning

Topics: Psychology, Working memory, Cognitive psychology Pages: 4 (1047 words) Published: May 25, 2013

Cognitive Learning

Pearl Loftlin
Grand Canyon University


“Knowledge is learned, and changes in knowledge make changes in behavior possible (Woolfolk, p.248).” Learning is an important part of life, it our job as educators to teach and help children gain knowledge as they grow older. Learning takes place in the mind. Our memory is a vital part of our growth. The information process memory model examines how memory is obtained and how it is stored. This paper discusses this model more in depth.

Cognitive Learning

Learning is a major part of our lives that as educators we often forget the process of learning. We are so engrossed with what we must teach our students that we do not take the time of out to really assess our students and how they learn. Based on that statement what is the meaning of learning? Learning is “the act of experience or one that learns. (Webster Online Dictionary).” In order to understand that definition we must break it down even further. To learn is “to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience (Webster Online Dictionary).” Within this paper we examine cognitive view of learning, mainly the information processing model. We will explain how it works and compare theories and practices.

In order for us to understand the Information Processing Model of Memory, we must first look at the importance of knowledge in learning. Woolfolk states that knowledge and knowing are the outcomes of learning (Woolfolk, 2007, pp. 247-257). What we bring to any new learning situation is the most important element of the learning process. Our prior knowledge affects how we retain and process new information. Information we receive is saved in our memory. Memory is the “the storage and retrieval of information” (Huitt, 2003). Memory becomes the primary focus of this approach.

The information...
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