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Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Cognition, Health care Pages: 20 (6361 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Introduction of Cognitive Rehabilitation Services
Client: Curtis Bolander
Group 6: Alex Fischer, Mackenzie Berry, Zachary Richardson, Shuheng Yang

BUAD444- Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Spring 2013

We are group 6, consisting of Shuheng Yang, Mackenzie Berry, Alex Fisher, and Zachary Richardson. Our client company is Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health, LLC, currently owned by the husband and wife team of Curtis and Traci Bolander. Their current need is in determining whether or not they should include cognitive rehabilitation services in their new facility that they will be moving into within the next 6 months to a year. We conducted extensive research in all areas of the issues at hand and have come to a final suggestion for Mr. Bolander and the future of Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health, all of which will be presented in this paper.

Project Scope

The project scope we used to determine the course of our research was evaluated in a joint effort by our group, Mr. Bolander, and our SBTC advisor. We concluded that their current primary need is in determining whether or not they should include cognitive rehabilitation services in their new facility. The sub points to our project scope are in determining whether or not there is a market for these services, the associated costs and reimbursement from insurance companies, organizing an implementation plan and timeline, and the trends effecting the industry of cognitive rehabilitation and the market itself. Mr. Bolander specifically requested general information on cognitive rehabilitation, as such we included a section on the history of it.

Background Information

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health LLC was established in 2007 by Curtis Borlander, it is a private company that provides treatment for various mental health issues. The company has several business partners includes its employee doctors. Mrs. Bolander also works within the company as a psychologist. Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health LLC’s license number is B1-0000724 issued by the state of Delaware. The company currently provides services to all genders, age groups, and religious orientations. Its services include: * Therapy for depression, adjustment, grief, etc.

* Testing for learning and attention, social emotional function, etc. * Psychiatric evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy and forensic services. * Consulting and training in educational, medical, forensic, business and other settings.

Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health LLC also has an alternative language of Russian that can be provided to Russian speakers. The company accepts many major insurance policies such as Aetna, BC/BS of Delaware, United Behavioral Health, Medicare, etc. The company currently employs three psychiatrists, eight psychologists, twenty therapists and seven office staff members. Located in 910 S. Chapel Street, Newark, DE 19713, is an ideal starting location and Mid-Atlantic has been flourishing there. However, Mr. Bolander is planning to move to a new location within the next 6-12 months (Bolander).

History of Cognitive Rehabilitation

The history of Cognitive rehabilitation can be traced back to World War I. Due to the nature of war and the injuries sustained by soldiers in combat, governments found it necessary to invest in rehabilitation programs. They quickly found that rehabilitation for brain injuries and lost higher level functioning’s would require its own field of research and development as these types of injuries became more prevalent. Many of the same techniques used post World War I and II are still in use today.

Though an exact date is not known, the German government first implemented a program called “schools for soldiers,” to help returning war veterans. In actuality, they were rehabilitation hospitals for injured soldiers, where they were assessed on their psychological skill and performance. The program also pursued...
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