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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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CRJ 201 study guide
* Probation pg204. Which is the following is the most frequent sent. Handed down by a judge? Probation * 204. Which form of court supervision in the comm. Are released from prison? Parole * 210. Blank refers to person on probation to commit new crime? Recidivism * 216. 2004 pres bush proposed a 4yr 300mill…. Reentering emission to expand job training and services. (did not pass) * 221. Sentencing offenders to confinement for a short period by confinement is known as: split-sentencing. * Some probation apts use to keep in hand probation is: global positioning system: gps * 218. Some confinement will most likely go hand on hand with: electronic model * 216. Placing individual offender into more and more forms of social control is called: net logging * 228. A plan intervention designed to change a offenders beh is called: rehabilitation. * 233. Victim awareness progs. Suggest that offender must understand the victims attitudes experiences and that the offenders must understand a victims awareness * 241. Housing mobility prog provides transportation so they can attend local church in suburbs, receiver medical treatment, go to work. * 241. Work release prgs allows prisoners temporarily work in : the private sector. * Analysis of frequent progs for offenders may lead to reduction of crime being reduced: induction. 238. * 230. Research shows that rehabilitation treatment works best in some form of : reasoning training. * 234. Personal management is concerned with such things as : a persons self image on minimizing stress. * 233. Bringing victims of drunk driving face to face with the actual drunk drives is ex of victim in tact panels. * Ch12. House hold crime control. 265. Which of the following is a family based treatment prog after problem delinquent arises: multi sysmatice * 246. Which of the following is a form of individual crime control? Risk avoidance. * 261. Which of the...
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