Coffee Shop Draft Proposal

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From a cultural standpoint, coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction. The coffeehouse provides social members with a place to cognate, talk, write, read, entertain one another, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups of 2 or 3.

Every Morning it will not be complete without breakfast and a cup of coffee in the table of the Filipinos. Sometimes they only drink coffee to fill up their stomach when they are in hurry for office or even for school; it keeps them awake. They say that it help’s blood to flow better.

Coffee shops or coffeehouses have been in use since 16th century, particularly in the Middle East, where Turkish coffee house was drunk and men played board games or read books and listened to music.

Many people find that coffee contains stimulants called caffeine. Filtering hot water through ground beans makes the best. A special filter for coffee is used to create such aroma, and when settled, and turned into a ground-powdered coffee, just a hot water will do the rest. Many people drink instant coffee, as it is quick and easy to prepare. Evaporating huge amounts of prepared coffee makes instant coffee powder. The powder dissolves in hot water to make a coffee drink instantly. Coffee is drunk by about one third of the word people making the most popular beverages after tea.

Coffee shops are establishments where people gather to enjoy a cup of coffee. In most shops, there is a wide range of options with the type of coffee drinks offered, starting with plain coffee and moving through a selection of specialty coffee drinks that are often difficult to find at restaurants and other locations. Many shops of this type also offer a limited selection of food and other beverages, making them ideal for a quick snack or a light meal. In some cases, the coffee shop is part of a large corporation. When this is the case, decisions about what types of coffee are sold are made at corporate level. The corporation will often have specific instructions as to the type of coffee maker that is used in the shop, as well as a particular brand of coffee roaster for the raw coffee beans that are purchased in bulk and resold to the local franchises. This uniform approach makes it possible for the same level of quality to be found at any coffee shop associated with the corporation.

While the idea of a coffee shop was once limited to metropolitan areas, shops of this type are now found in many smaller towns and even some rural areas. With a product line built around one of the most popular beverages in the world, a coffee shop stands an excellent chance of becoming a popular gathering spot, assuming the location is good and the prices are within reason.

This study seems to determine the feasibility of establishing a coffee shop at. This study has the following areas of concern:

1. Who will be the possible costumers?
2. What is the potential target of the coffee shop business? 3. What marketing strategy should be adopted in order to assure the success of the business? 4. What is the present demand and supply situation for the project and prosperity for the future? 5. What is the primary target market of the business?

1. What are the machines and equipment’s that will be needed for the operation? 2. Where will be the project should be located and why that place is suitable for the proposed project? 3. What form of machines will be most appropriate and effective for the proposed project? 4. How to determine the place suited for business?

5. How many machines needed for the operation of the business? ORGANIZATIONAL ASPECT
1. What will be the organization set up of the business?
2. What benefits should be given to the staff?
3. What will be the human resource requirement of the project their qualification and responsibilities? 4....
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