Observation Study of Starbucks Coffee

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  • Published : November 21, 2006
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Coffee drinkers all have one thing in common; they want their coffee made to their specification. Most soft drinks, milkshakes, and draft beer are ready made. Coffee has many flavors and that can be an operational nightmare. Starbucks has 10 different types of coffee beans, 12 blends of flavors and loads of special toppings. How can the Starbucks operations be consistent with so many variations? My observation will evaluate the Starbucks' processing time. The objective problem statement is "It takes too long to get a flavored cup of Latte from Starbucks." The selection of a theme is to produce the best cup coffee while the customer waits a minimum time. Starbucks has a great deal of competition in the coffee business. Starbucks is more popular because of its marketing. Starbucks is the name brand of coffee. In order to keep the mindshare of its consumers, Starbucks must continually improve its service to customers. First, question why the present method of serving customers made the customers wait for more than 10 minutes. The clerk receives the order from the customer but has not been properly trained, so the clerk does not know to steam and foam milk for a Latte. The result is that another clerk must help while taking that clerk away from her duties and causing another customer to be slowed in service. To fully understand the breakdown in service, a survey is conducted to find out which customers waited longer than 10 minutes. The process is itemized to determine the cause-and-effect of the breakdown in service. The data is recorded on a checklist. The checklist asked the kinds of coffees ordered, the times of the day ordered and how long the customer waited. Customers who had waited a longer time than 10 minutes were ordering specialty coffees that normally took longer than regular coffee drinks. After further review, a program was developed to set a target of reducing their wait time to 7-8 minutes per customer. With using the checklist as a...
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