Cocktail Party Economics - Review

Topics: Economics, Economy, Social sciences Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Cocktail Party Economics is a well written text, composed in a conversational style text, which turns big ideas into small talk. Eveline J. Admoait and Richard G. Maranta provide an interesting take on their view of the economic world. The text takes complex economic ideas and enables readers with no previous background of economics to comprehend the ideas being exemplified. Admoait and Maranta also make the book easily relatable because they use real life examples that can be applicable in day to day life. The style and witty humor throughout the text not only make it easy to read but also extremely enjoyable.

Throughout the text Admoait and Maranta use an extensive amount of footnotes. These footnotes are not used to cite sources where they got certain pieces of information, but to explain points from the text in more detail. I found these footnotes very helpful, as they provided the perfect amount of information to help clarify the theories discussed within the text. The footnotes didn’t continuously provide the same kind of information. The information presented in the footnotes varied between numerous definitions, background information on specific topics, and in tell on specific dates and facts that contributed to examples mentioned directly in the text. The variety of different topics helped make the footnotes interesting to read, and encouraged me to take the time to find the corresponding footnote with the sentence as I read the text.

Another helpful tool that sets Cocktail Party Economics apart from any other ordinary economics textbook is the numerous Gossip Columns, which can be found throughout the text. The Gossip Columns are brief bios of people who contributed to economics in some way throughout history. These Gossip Columns give the reader very interesting background information about various people who have either directly or indirectly affected the development of economics. The people highlighted throughout the text are from all...
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