Coca-Cola Olympic Campaign 2012

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I. Introduction
The Coca-Cola Company is no stranger to the Olympics. In fact, the brand has been associated with the International Olympic Committee for 84 years, so it is hardly a surprise to see Coca-Cola sponsoring the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London with a huge global integrated marketing campaign - Move to the Beat™, meanwhile, as a visual dramatization of the Move to the Beat™ campaign, The Coca-Cola also unveiled a giant urban artwork, called the Beat Wall which is an iconic image created by internationally acclaimed urban artists to bring Move to the Beat™ to life. According to the Vice President, Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence at Coca-Cola, Jonathan Mildenhall, “This is Coke’s biggest ever Olympics campaign.”

1. Comprehensive Overview about the Company
The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company. With 126 years of history in business, it now has about 146,200 employees worldwide, operates in more than 200 countries and markets a portfolio of more than 3,000 beverage products including sparkling drinks and still beverages. Worldwide, the company is No.1 in sales of sparkling beverages and juices and juices drinks, as well as No.2 in sales of sports drinks and No.2 in sales of bottles water. There are 43% of stores in the world carrying Coca-Cola products and about 1.8 billion servings of beverages being sold per day. Nowadays, the Coca-Cola Company has 6 billion customers and is worth more than 68 billion dollars of market value. Every year, Coca-Cola spends about $4 billion dollars on worldwide advertisement, which occupies a huge portion of its costs. The advertisement strategy Coca-Cola implemented has helped the company create around $32 billion dollars in revenue per year.

2. SWOT Analysis
The Coca Cola Company was found in 1886 in USA. It has been developed for over a hundred years. Its long history can really benefit its business since its brand name has been widely spread to the world. Moreover, as one of the largest global beverage manufacturers, Coca-Cola has a high competitive advantage on marketing. However, the company now is threated by the growing concern about health and wellness problem from its consumers, which challenges its sales volume and public image.

(1) Strengths
Coca-Cola is a market leader in the drink industry with a high brand reputation. The brand becomes one of the symbols of American culture. The taste of Coca-Cola is unique and widely accepted by the customers. The company has a secret production formula of its Coke, which make the company be most competitive in the market. Though many other competitors try to create a coke similar to that of the Coca-Cola Company, all of them fail to provide the same taste of Coca-Cola. What’s more, the excellent promotion strategy helps the Coca-Cola Company a lot. Usually it employs the pop singers and movie stars to be its promoters. Thus wide ranges of people in different countries are being influenced to consume its products. Moreover, the advertisements of Coca-Cola are also appealing, like the 2012 London Olympic Games Champaign which is analyzed in this paper. The Coca-Cola Move to the Beat™ campaign gives the customers a great impression of its Coke, meanwhile, brings customers closer to the Olympic Games and to sport in general. Apart from all above strengths, the Coca-Cola Company owns huge assets. With brand value of $68,734 million, the strong finance power helps the company invest in product development and research as well as advertisement. More than 230 brands of drinks produced by the company meet different requirements of customers. About $4 billion advertisement budget helps to achieve popularity all over the world. Coca-Cola has a large geographical foot print. The company has expanded its business to 200 countries instead of only focusing on developed areas. It creates large profits in the areas with high growth economics and reduces the business risks....
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