Coca Cola - Growth, Employment, Business Cycle and Inflation

Topics: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Thums Up Pages: 4 (1312 words) Published: June 7, 2008
Fiscal Policy affects The Coca-Cola Company as it does many other businesses. The four components of Fiscal Policy are employment, growth, business cycle and inflation. The following discusses the different aspects of Fiscal Policy as related to The Coca-Cola Company. Employment

One of the Coca-Cola Company’s strongest strengths lies in its ability to conduct business on a global scale while maintaining a local approach, one of the most intelligent strategies thought up by the human resource department of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola manages its human resource department through a decentralized human resource system, which means that not only management can have an input in decision-making but employees can as well. Coca Cola’s decentralized system ties together shared visions of the employees and management, but Coca-Cola also realizes the complexities of managing operations in different locations that the company has established an International Advisory Council (IAC) to help senior managers make effective decisions for the company. For example, in January 2005 leader in the Coca-Cola Company human resource department around the world decided to decided to improve Coca-Cola overall mission after an honest assessment was made by the company top company officials. These improvements sought to improve the success, growth and structure of Coca-Cola and to better deal with the task and people of today and their relationship with independent bottlers. After following the same mission statement over a hundred years, recent concerns led to improvements to Coca-Cola mission statement called the Manifesto for Growth. The Manifesto is an overall vision of the company made up of several components, and these components are will help achieve the Coca-Cola overall mission in current times. The components are as follows, people, portfolio, profit, partners and planet. Introduction and implementation of the manifesto happened during training sessions and...
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