Coca Cola Chain Value

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The Value Chain of Coca Cola Company
Analyzing the value chain of Coca Cola is helpful to create a better understanding how profit is made. Information not only Coca Cola needs. Shareholders, consumers and other groups witch interact with Coca Cola have a better overview on the process how value is generated in this Company. In all function of a company value is created: production, marketing, product development, service, information systems, materials management, and human resources. In each sector a different value gets created, which makes it nearly impossible to copy the product.

Coca-Cola has followed a strategy of increased ownership of bottling operations worldwide as a way to make its operations more efficient and also to improve product availability as well as marketing focus. In some cases, investments represent minority shares in the bottling company, wherein Coca-Cola is able to help focus and improve sales and marketing programs, assist in the development of effective business and information systems, and lend operating expertise. Situations where the current bottler is not competitive with current competition or system wide sales standards, Coke frequently moves in to acquire the franchise and quickly turn the situation around. TECHNOLOGICAL

The world is getting smaller and smaller. Ease of travel and increasingly sophisticated, instantaneous worldwide communication capabilities drive this phenomenon. Coca-Cola's management views this as favorable: "As the world has gotten smaller, a 'global teenager' has emerged. In Germany and around the world, these teenagers share similar tastes in music, clothing, and consumer brands. With its global scope and the power of the world's most ubiquitous trademark, the Coca-Cola system is uniquely equipped to market to this group" SALES AND MARKETING

The Coca Cola brand value starts and falls with its marketing and sales. Several unique advertising campaign different slogans and services...
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