Coca Cola Case

Topics: Coca-Cola, Marketing, PepsiCo Pages: 4 (949 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Questions and Answers:
1. What are the physical meanings and emotional meanings of Coke to you?

My personal feeling towards Coke is that it’s a sweet soft drink that can bring sense of refreshment when drinking frozen. But it’s too sweet for me, so I always add lemon with it.

2. What was Coca-Cola’s brand building strategy in terms of marketing 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)?

Product: Originally invented to be “an ideal nerve tonic and stimulant”, later in 1929 Coke (“The Company”) amend the tagline to be “the pause that refreshes”. Price: Packed in small bottle/tin so it’s affordable to everybody. Place: According to Robert Winship Woodruff (“The Boss”). “Coke needs to be placed within arm’s reach of desire…wherever there are people who get thirsty. The network of independent bottlers that Candler (“The founder”) put in place would form the heart and soul of Coca-Cola’s distributions system. Promotion: In 1892, Coke began promoting the beverage based on its refreshment versus therapeutic qualities. During the early stages, Coke has always put great emphasizes on marketing. And it successfully linked its product with the feeling of “Comforting/Refreshment/Happiness”.

3. What strategies did Coke use to generate meanings?

There were several important marketing strategies: 1. careful design of the bottle 2. Songs/Advertisement that constantly arouses the customer’s feeling of happiness and comfortless, 3. Supported the WWII for US soldiers by ensuring their supply of Coke (Advertising exploited the drink’s patriotic presence abroad) 4. Eventually the Coke’s image has been linked to the “US” lifestyle: modern/affluent

4. What was Pepsi’s strategy in competing against this strong meaning web of Coca-Cola?

Pepsi has always been a follower. It challenged the Coke’s “product-centered strategy” by holding blind-tasting tests into strong coke’s markets in 1960. By 1983, the “Pepsi Challenge” had made its way across the entire...
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