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Mentoring Assignments level 7
The abilities and performance characteristics of effective leaders are appraised. In 1992 Sir Peter dela Billiere was quoted as Strenght of personality is always likely to be part of the DNA of top leaders. He based this around his research around military structure throughout history ,sir Peter was throughout his career an very well respected Military officer who has spoken at many Buiness conventions on leadership . (Hooper and Potter2000 ;Hodgson 2004) argue that the small percentage could be increased through appropriate development and more self awareness. I John Adair book Fundamentals of Leadership 2005 he suggest that originations should focus on strategic aspects of leadership .He was able to define this to seven key elements . * Providing direction

* Strategic planning
* Making it happen
* Getting the interrelated parts in an organisation properly balanced * Relationship between the strategic leadership and the outside world * Releasing the corporate energy
* Identifying today’s and tomorrow leaders
In amplification of this Adair (2005) believes that (Making it Happen) is the primary focuss. In modern business Sir Terry Leahy is recognized with being with this attribute that has made Tesco the force it is today . In contrast Greg Dyke has been much critized by the press and others in light of the Gilligan –Kelly Incident. In Hodgson (2004) research into top leaders Journeys’ he identified similar traights which he refers to as (focus of attention). He also goes on to discuss spotting development potential, inspiration and energy .managing upwards and outwards. Though Hodgson in somewhat mirrors Adair finding he also expands from this and speak with regards to creditability which he refers to as a currency. Leaders have a blank credit on which they can draw.For instance provided their professional reputation is good,their people will be accept some personal failings (such as Nelsons mistress,Churchil and drink),but if they overdraw their reputation will be affected .It is their followers who will decide this . It has been stated that for success at the strategic level are somewhat different from those at operational level. It true that they are forged at the same anvil of development but are clearly different . This can also be a reverse application Lord Mountbatten did not shine as a ship’s captain ,but went on to be a great leader of men and diplomat . From this Adair (2005) states that the key is to indentify, develop and groom individuals for senior positions so that they become leaders with noble purpose. Companies within the private sector who have excelled at grooming individuals for tope jobs are BP and Barclays . Matt Barratt who became CEO after a turbulent time with the Barclays bank in 1999 and this would seem to have been a part of the stability of Barclays in these austere times . Effective leadership can be traced back as far as Socrates who reflected that leaders both in business and military situations need to perform much the same functions. Select the right man for the job

Pushing the bad rewarding the good
Winning the goodwill of those under them
Attracting allies and helpers
Keeping what they have gained
Being strenuous and industrious in their own work
Stogdill (1974) research would lead us to believe that there are some 160 definitions of leadership which modern managerial author (Adair 2005) have simplified to three operating levels ,Strategic or big picture, ambient or day to day and episodic or small group . Episodic leader ship is often covered within originations by the training or development exercises cascade to small groups. This concept has emerged from the studies of Forgas (1979) on social episoades.This was seen under the concept of short –term goals with specific boundaries Hooper and Potter (1979) studies of episodic leader ship concluded that there specific competence extend to...
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