Coach Carter Analysis Paper

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Cody Wilmoth
Evaluation paper

Coach Carter
Coach Carter was released June 18, 2005. I critiqued this movie on two very important factors, which were the true story, which the movie was based on, and the life lessons that the movie teaches you. Coach Carter is an inspirational account of a controversial high school basketball coach, who receives both high praise and criticism for his unconventional approach to basketball. Coach Carter’s vision for his basketball players was fulfilling. He sees the players being successful on the court, in the classroom, and in life and is relentless in this pursuit.

The story Coach Cater was based on was very appealing and very interesting. The story behind Coach Carter is that Coach Ken Carter, a star athlete who went to Richmond high school in inner-city California returns to coach the Richmond high school varsity basketball team. Coach Ken Carter who wasn’t a typical high school coach, made each player on his team sign a contract that stated that each one of the players had to wear a jacket and a tie on game day, had to attend each of their classes and had to sit in the front row, and maintaining a GPA of 2.3 to enable playing time, which is .3 higher then the states minimum required GPA of a 2.0. Many players on the team were struggling with other life issues, from a pregnant girlfriend, to getting money by selling drugs on the street. Some of the players quit the team, but some stayed and the team begins to win. When Coach Carter discovers that most of the players weren’t doing well in school, he padlocks the gym, refusing to let them play until all of them were caught up with their schoolwork and had met the requirement he had set for them in the contract of a GPA of a 2.3. This story is a great way to get people to watch the movie because it makes them want to know what happened with the team towards the end of the movie. Encouraging others to put education before recreation, Carter wanted to leave a...
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