Co M P E T I T I Ve a N a L Y S I S

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Color palette: Weak, outdated

Not much strength here. The close-up of the game controller photo adds power to the overall box. The sunrise on the planet horizon shows an “out of this world” look and feel, providing the sense of unlimited games experiences and a vast universe of gaming options. The logo and symbol covering almost a third of the box makes a direct and easy identification of the product to the consumer.

The design is poor. While the logo is simple and easy to read, and the spiral shape may symbolize something related to the image (maybe a “dream-catcher” or something along those lines), the logo is not very appealing. The spacing between the spiral lines and the light to regular font makes the logo weak. The orange-red and black color combination feels more like a corporation, missing the target market. In addition, the color palette needs to be brighter with a better selection of primary and adjacent colors. The product inside the box does not match the look and feel of the overall packaging. The overall feels outdated.

Color palette: Good

Good type solution for the logo. Original in its name and its shape. The black and gray color is consistent with the overall design and matches the silver metal look of the console. The minimum use of color on the game controller and console brings out the minimalist look as well as a high tech look and feel. The simplicity of the console and controller industrial design it is a great addition to the design itself.

The logo and product do not match the box. The box is too simple and flat. The use of basic colors in a strip on the top and bottom of the box distracts the attention from the product diluting the high tech image. The photo of the model is too simple and casual in comparison to the sophisticated and elegant design of cube console, thus subtracting visual impact. In addition, the model...
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