Co Production Be Jasanoff

Topics: Sociology, Science, Technology Pages: 5 (1812 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Short Essay – The idiom of co-production – The idea of StS

The new civilization of postmodern age, which brings with it a new economy, new political order and a new lifestyle in the ever-accelerating flow of historical time is accompanied by our terms of radical transformation of society to overcome one-sided and narrow rational-scientific and technological world view. At present, technology, social, economics, ethics and other areas do not develop independently of each other, but their relationships grows. It is necessary to understand the technical and social organizational creations does not exist in a vacuum, but must be adapted to the new context of complex social, cultural and environmental impacts of technological change. Major social institutions of modern societies are constantly becoming more and more technical forming a new complex mutual interactions in complex social technical systems that increase their risk of side effects and untameableness of technological change . "Good" and "bad" to offset their impacts. The distribution of wealth is accompanied by the distribution of risks will cease, that modern man is free to choose the risks, hazards as socio-technical systems are involuntary, and often more than individual and imperceptible. The situation is also complicated due to the continued globalization of social activities, social space and mainly due to increasing global interdependence. Technology was seen in the history of mankind largely positive but ambivalence of technology in recent years has brought legitimate concerns. The contradictory nature in some cases causes that the effect is not always positive. That negative side, any abuse or technology now afflict humanity most. However, go to the essence of the problem. That is the following. Technology itself is neither good or bad, neither beneficial or harmful. Its functioning, effects, symptoms, and ultimately its existence still depends on the person. Therefore it is necessary to note that for all of this responsibility on people. Man is the creator of art and technology and costs over a technosphere as an overarching principle. Determines objectives and purpose of art, and therefore has the opportunity to influence, but mainly change its nature and effect. Therefore, if we want to get rid of any unwanted symptoms and effects that technology brings, we must first start with ourselves. The idiom of Co-production – The idea of STS

‘’ Co-production, at is core, is “the proposition that the ways in which we know and represent the world (both nature and society) are inseparable from the ways in which we choose to live in it.” (Jasanoff ; 2004.) Scientific knowledge and technology are being produced by people who usually has political motives, and generally doesn’t need to have perfect understanding. At the same time, science and technology modify the power of the state and other institutions in critical ways. With the idea of co-production is possible to design frameworks through the analysis of social science practices and furthermore explain individual practices through scientific background and social conditions. It is crucial to understand the concept of "co-production" in the context of science and society. Co-production in this sense is the co-evolution, co-dependency, and co-production of science and society. Importance of this understanding should be on an excellent level if we wan to study science, technology, and society because it refuses technological or social determinism that is present in other social sciences. There is the need for a brand new synthesis in and as the field of science and technologies grows. Science takes places in the society and its tight to technology and power. This may not be visible as power is always about hiding the operation , separation of concerns and relevancies. There is different type of relevancies. What is co-production ? It is about making identisites, institutions etc. .But who is making...
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