Co-Education and Single-Sex Education: Which Will Benefit Children More?

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Single gender schools
Nowadays, more and more people have noticed the phenomena that girls have been overtaking boys. The proportion of boys going to colleges is becoming smaller and smaller. Girls have been seeing doing better in different levels of the school. Therefore, a question being raised by the public is that between co-education and single-sex education, which will benefit our children more? As a student, I strongly believe that the latter is a good choice. Gender-based classes can improve our academic achievement through proper approaches suitable for our learning styles, foster better behaviors through promotion of role models and encourage us to explore who we truly are.

As everyone acknowledges that each person has his own learning style, the learning style between boys and girls is not an exception, they are every different due to their physical and metal development. The development of boys’ reading ability is slower than girls’. Boys tend to be more active than girls. When boys know the answer they can’t wait to shout it out, in stead of girls would rather just understand and know the reason. The uneven development attributes to their different learning styles. For the better achievement, separating girls and boys to adapt approaches that fit their learning styles is the best way we can do. For example, in my grade one classroom, it seems like a disaster for boys to sit down to read, even the story they loved to listen. To girls, reading is such a relax thing to do. Both sides can’t have what they need the most, because I have to stay in the middle to look after each side obtain some but not too much. On the other hand, single-sex class using proper methods can provide what the student need most, and help them to achieve their potential.

Furthermore, in single-sex classes, girls will have female teachers and boys own male teachers for their core courses. To students, teachers are more than just teach their...
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