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China National Petroleum Corporation
CNPC at a Glance
China National Petroleum Corporation (further CNPC) is an integrated international energy company. Ranked 6 at the Fortune 500 in 2011, it is China's largest oil and gas producer and supplier, as well as one of the world's major oilfield service providers and a globally reputed contractor in engineering construction. With a presence in almost 70 countries, it is seeking an even greater international role. It provides energy in a profitable manner, and always attaches great importance to the social and environmental responsibilities.

Core businesses the company in are: exploration & production; refining & chemicals; natural gas & pipelines; marketing & trading; oilfield services; engineering & construction; petroleum equipment manufacturing; new energy development; capital management; finance & insurance services.

Key figures for CNPC are:
1) Crude oil output & production: 2.83 million barrels/day, 52% of the nation’s total 2) Natural gas output & production: 8.02 billion cubic feet/day, 75% of the nation’s total 3) Domestic pipelines: 56865 kilometres

− 14807 km for crude oil (nearly 70% of the nation’s total) − 32801 km for natural gas (over 80% of the nation’s total) − 9257 km for refined products (nearly 50% of the nation’s total) 4) Providing oilfield services and engineering construction in 55 countries around the world


The acronym "CNPC" has a history of more than 20 years. The flower-shaped logo and its twocolour combination (red and yellow) make the CNPC brand stand out and greatly enhance the company's popularity cognition degree. The logo represents not only the quality of CNPC’s products and services, but also their professional service capabilities and values.

Used from October, 2004, CNPC's new logo embodies its commitment to ensuring harmony between the development of energy and the environment. The flower-shaped logo's colours are those of China's national flag, with its ten petals representing CNPC’s core businesses. The solid 1

red base illustrates CNPC's strength and cohesion as a state-owned enterprise, while the rising sun highlights their brilliant future.

Besides the main LOGO, CNPC also has two other LOGOs:

CNPC launched the "Kunlun" petrochemical products brand in August, 2001, with "caring" as its core value, which has strengthened interaction and communication between CNPC and its consumers.
The values of the brand are "Caring for your machines, Caring for our consumers, Caring for nature and Caring for our employees".
In February 2005, Kunlun became one of the top five lubricants in terms of global market share.
"CNPC EQUIPMENT" brand was officially launched on September 28, 2009. As an endorsed brand, it will be tied to the original registered trademarks of authorized equipment products.
The values of the brand are "Strive for excellence, Serve the energy industry".

Company background
From 1973 to 1993, China had an oil surplus, which caused the export to other countries like Japan. But due to the high growth rate of China’s population and the higher international demand, in 1993, the export had to stop.

Nowadays, China undergoes of a lack of oil reserves, so the Chinese Government is taking some measures to reduce this deficiency. On one hand, China begins to improve the relationship with some countries, which have high petroleum reserves, like Malaysia. On the other hand, China starts to invest in foreign lands to find oil reserves, and it also spends lots of money to search new oil reserves and create an internal petroleum reserve in case of emergency.

The main oil companies in China are China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC Group), China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC), and Sinopec. CNOOC Group is cantered on downstream refining and the exploitation, investigation and expansion of crude oil and natural gas offshore of China. They make some agreements with other countries like Indonesia to...
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