Cmt3331 Coursework 1

Topics: Image, Photography, Camera Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: January 19, 2013
For this coursework we had to design a book cover on a theme of our choice that comprises of our own original digital photography. The theme I have decided to base my book cover on is “Poverty”. I wanted to make a book cover with a visual integrity, which means that I wanted the reader to get the theme of the book by just looking at the cover. I wanted a simple but elegant piece of work.

In order to make a great book cover I had to first of all has a great photography based on my theme. Luckily, my father organised a trip to India during the Christmas holidays. I decided to use this opportunity to bring my camera and take some pictures. I have a Canon 600D camera with the 55-70mm kit lens. I am always passionate by photography. I like taking pictures during my free time and upload them on my social page.

During the trip I went to a small village called “Kichocha” in Lucknow, New Delhi. It is a really poor village with people living in huts. I then took a Cycle Rickshaw also known as a “Pedicab” and ride through the villages taking pictures. In order to get good pictures while in a vehicle I used the sport mode on the camera, because the sport mode uses a higher shutter speed to help stop fast actions. I took some great photographs during the trip that shows the true lives of the Indian.

When I was back from my trip, I went through all the pictures I have taken and chose the right one suitable for my book cover. I have chosen that particular pictures because, it was one of my favourite and also was the most likeable by my friends on my social page. It also has a lot of spaces to input my texts. I also wanted a picture that the people will notice and remember. The reader always remembers powerful images on a book cover. I think this picture has done the job based on the likability of my friends.

I then started editing the pictures. The software that I have used is Adobe Photoshop CS6. The reason I have chosen this software is because I am very...
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