Edla 168 the Tomorrow Book

Topics: Writing, Recycling, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: February 28, 2013
EDLA168 Group presentation

Powerpoint slides

The Tomorrow Book
by Jackie French

This book is printed on recycled materials.
Illustrations were crafted from recycled materials found around the illustrator’s home. eg. matchboxes, junk mail, envelopes from mail delivered, packaging from her pantry.

Questions for discussion-
Why do you think the author has called the book “a story of hope & ideas”? Why is sustainability important for our future?
What are some things we can do at home/school to change the world? What would you like the world to be like in 20 years time?

Why was this book chosen?

Australian author
Explains the major environmental issues of today in children’s terms The use of colour to convey mood. -
Mallan(1999) tells us that the use of colour will amplify more fully the meaning of the text. Enhancing illustrations -
Nikolajeva & Scott (2000) state that in this type of interaction, images intensify the written text to give a more complete understanding of the story. Stafford (2011) infers that pictures carry unique and independent narrative information which when added to the text enhance the overall message of the book. Highly textured illustrations

Learning outcomes
By the end of this unit, students will be able to
Define sustainability
Know how it relates to their lives
Use knowledge to change their daily habits
Describe the importance of sustainability for the future

References - wasn’t too sure if we needed to put in a slide of references that we had used.

Stafford, T. (2011). Teaching visual literacy in the primary classroom. NY: Routledge. Nikolajeva, M., & Scott, C. (2000). The Dynamics of picturebook communication. Children’s literature in education, 31(4), 225-239. Mallan, K. (1999). In the picture: Perspectives on picture book art and artists. Wagga Wagga: Centre for Information Studies.


“A drop in the bucket”

Investigating the percentage of available fresh water on Earth....
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