Clover Dairy

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Presented to: Dr. Hisham Abd El Hamid

Presented By:
Shady Mohamed
Hala Gamal
Mohamed Helal

1. Introduction
2. Company overview
3. Vision Statement
4. Mission Statement
5. Corporate Strategy
6. External Assessment
7. Internal Assessment
8. Long Term Objective
9. The Strategy-Formulation Analytical Framework
a) External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE)
b) Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix (IFE)
c) Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
a) Swat Matrix
b) BCG Matrix
c) Space Matrix
d) IE Matrix
e) Grand Strategy Matrix
10. Choosing the Strategy
11. Choosing the Tactics
12. Conclusion
Clover is ad Branded Consumer Goods (BCG) Company with One of the largest in SA. It has the largest chilled distributor in South Africa and Substantial critical mass due to its delivery frequency it also have Strong Beverages and brand portfolio.

Company overview
Clover Industries Limited (CIL) is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of dairy products in Southern Africa. The company has a history of more than a 100 years. Its headquarters is currently in Roodepoort, South Africa. Products produced by Clover includes milk, cheese, custard, butter, cream, yogurt, thick milk, ice cream, condensed milk, milk powders, ice tea and bottled water. The company is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange and is treaded as JSE: CLR.

Clovers executive committee

Company products:
* The One
* Mmmmilk
* Clover full cream milk
* Clover 2% low fat milk
* Clover fat free milk
* Clover UHT milk
* Clover Ultra Mel UHT full cream milk
* Clover Ultra Mel UHT skim milk
* Clover super M
* Elite skim milk powder
* Surromel Calf milk replacer
* Aquartz natural mineral water
Fruit Juice
* Clover nectar
* Clover Krush
* Clover life
* Clover Manhattan Ice tea
* CapriSun
* Tropica
* Clover Sour cream
* Clover Fresh Cream
* Clover UHT Aerosol dairy whipped cream
Condensed milk
* Clover Condensed milk
* UltraMel Custard

* Clover Tussers
* Elite
* Sacca
* Berg Process cheese
* Clover Butro
* Clover Farmstyle
* Clover Springbok
* Clover Ghee
* Clover MooiRivier

Company products market share and positions in SA
Products| Market position| Market share|
For the 12 months ending Jan 2011| For the 12 months ending Jan 2011| Milk|
Fresh milk| No 1| 28.7%|
UHT milk| No 1| 26.1%|
Flavoured milk| No 2| 29.8%|
Everyday cheese|
Feta| No 1| 38.2%|
Natural pre-pack| No 1| 47.9%|
Dairy Fruit Mix| No 1| 59.7%|
Pure juice| No 1| 31.9%|
Water(1)| No 5| 6.2%|
Ice tea| No 2| 32.7%|

Sustainability review

1. Quality food products and sustainable development
At Clover, we define sustainable development as providing consumers with quality dairy and related products, while balancing the need for long-term social and environmental issues. Clover Management will not compromise long-term prospects purely for short-term benefit. Therefore our fundamental approach for doing business in South Africa is to create long-term sustainable 2. Clover’s culture drivers and principles

Culture Drivers
* Quality products and support services
* Focusing on strong brands
* Loyal milk producers’ support
* Commitment, passion and speed
* Innovative thinking and continuous improvement
* Attracting, developing and retaining good people
* Transparency and open communication
* Fairness in all dealings
* Fulfilling social and environmental responsibilities
* Having fun and celebrating achievements
Some of the basic Clover values and principles are

• Ensuring long-term...
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