Cloud Computing

Topics: Computer security, Information security, Cloud computing Pages: 273 (52986 words) Published: March 20, 2013


Generic Security Framework 
Cloud Computing Environments 

Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi 

Doctoral Dissertation in 
Communication Systems 
School of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)  KTH ‐ Stockholm, Sweden, 2011 



TRITA ‐ ICT ‐ COS ‐1102 
KTH, School of Information and 
ISSN: 1653‐6347 
Communication Technology 
ISRN: KTH/COS‐‐11/02‐‐SE   
SE‐16440 Stockholm 
ISBN: 978‐91‐7415‐964‐6   
Academic  dissertation  for  the  Degree  of  Doctor  of  Philosophy  in  Communication  Systems  at  Kungliga  Tekniska  Högskolan  to  be  publicly  defended  on  May  16,  2011  at  13:00 in Sal D, Forum, Isafjordsgatan 39 Kista. 

© Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi, 2011 




The research presented in this doctoral dissertation has been performed at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Activities towards the completion of this thesis span four years of research and many people have contributed and guided me to the full understanding of the presented work. I wish to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to all of them in my humble acknowledgments.

First and foremost, I offer my sincerest gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. Sead Muftic, who mentored and guided me throughout my research with his patience, expert knowledge and invaluable suggestions. His encouragement and support from the initial to the final step enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject and finish my thesis. One simply could not wish for a better or a friendlier supervisor. I am indebted to him more than he knows.

I gratefully acknowledge support by Dr. Arshad Ali and Dr. Farooq Ahmed for providing me the opportunity to study at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). I also wish to express my deep appreciation to all the faculty members and administrative staff of School of ICT and DSV department for their support and valuable assistance in the completion of my thesis.

I am as ever especially indebted to my parents for their love and inseparable support and prayers throughout my life. Words fail me to express my appreciation towards my parents whose dedication, love and persistent confidence in me, has taken the loads off my shoulders. I couldn’t have achieved all this in the absence of their prayers. I simply cannot thank my parents enough. I also wish to thank my brothers and sisters for their continuous support and love during my studies. I would like to thank my wife Nazia Afzal and my son Muhammad Shahwaiz Abbasi for their patience, love, understanding and bearing with my late night hours during my studies.

I also would like to acknowledge National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden and Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan for providing financial support for my PhD studies and research publications.

I also feel blessed by having wonderful colleagues, M. Awais Shibli, Chenchen Yuan, and Gernot Schmölzer, Matei Ciobanu Morogan, Feng Zhang, Hao, A. Haseeb, Ammar, M. Qaisar and Adnan Lateef for creating a very friendly environment in Stockholm and providing me with technical help and support wherever I needed. Lastly, I offer my regards and blessings to all my friends and everyone who supported me in any respect during the completion of this thesis.

Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi
Stockholm, Sweden




To my parents

M. Riaz Abbasi 

Shahnaz Akhtar Bibi 



The area of this research is security in distributed environment such as cloud computing and network applications. Specific focus was design and implementation of high assurance network environment, comprising various secure and security-enhanced applications. “High Assurance”...
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