Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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Cloud Computing at Memorial Medical Center|
Managerial Applications of Information Technology ---IS535 January 2012 Session Keller Graduate School of Management | 1/22/2012


Cloud Computing in Healthcare
Cloud Computing has the means to possibly revolutionize the healthcare IT structure as it is known today. Healthcare is constantly looking for ways to reduce costs but keep patient care in the forefront. At the same time introducing Cloud computing will have to be compliant with HIPPA guidelines set by the government. With Cloud Computing in healthcare, costs such as software cost will be reduced significantly. Many options are available for Cloud Computing along with options with limited budgets. This proposal will show how Cloud Computing can reduce costs in healthcare IT structures and still have the excellent patient care that all healthcare providers want. Problem

Healthcare IT infrastructure is complex to say the least. Extra security is a must in order to safeguard patient information. Enforcing safeguard measures needs to be a must when using Cloud Computing. More administrative control over who is using the systems and more stringent monitoring will have to be in place. Benefits

A few benefits for Cloud Computing in healthcare are:
Supply Chain benefits: With multiple vendors operating on cloud, inventory management will become much simpler. (Raut, 2011) Scalable Infrastructure: Data can be stored and managed well in servers and not on private servers. IT personnel will no longer have to keeping software up-to-date. This will be handled by vendors. Easy and Fast Access: What if a physician is at another hospital seeing in-patients, but needs to have access to look at another patient’s medical records? The physician will be able to obtain those records using his mobile phone, laptop or an iPad. Accessing Insurance Details over cloud: When dealing with insurance claims, they can be very time consuming and frustrating for the insurance companies themselves, but having all the plans with the products and services for each policy holder on cloud will ease the claim process for healthcare providers. As healthcare organizations are storing patient information digitally, it will take care of patients more effectively even if the patient is not present because of location. Cloud computing will lower costs and better care of the patients. (Raut, 2011) Approach

Implementing a Community Cloud that can share infrastructure between several health organizations and payers (insurance companies) is feasible, but data privacy and security is vital. HIPPA laws are stringent and the Community Cloud must have the correct technology to abide by those laws. The environment has to be first and foremost secure. A public cloud cannot offer the security like a Community cloud can so this approach may not be used in most healthcare organizations.

Memorial Medical Center Background
Memorial Medical Center is a 400 bed hospital located in New Orleans, LA. Tenet Corporation owns the hospital and is a national wide company, but only has this hospital in Louisiana. Memorial Medical has a 50 bed Emergency Department, 35 bed Intensive Care Unit, 100 beds for Med-Surg unit, 50 bed Out patient surgery unit, 50 bed Labor and Delivery unit, 50 bed Orthopedic unit, and a 50 bed Rehab unit. The remaining rooms are used for administrative purposes. The hospital opened in 1959 with only 150 beds and as the hospital gained popular with the community so did the capacity of the hospital. The number of employees is around 750. The hospital revenue for last year was $150 million. The hospital has state of the art Radiology department, as well as robotic surgery for orthopedic and out patient surgeries. IT Business and costs

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