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Cloud Computing for Libraries: A SWOT Analysis

8th Convention PLANNER 2012

Cloud Computing for Libraries: A SWOT Analysis
Miteshkumar Pandya
Abstract This paper provides brief information on cloud computing and its application for libraries. Adoption of cloud computing is not an easy task for Indian libraries. This paper provides some basic idea to choose evaluate Cloud service for the library. The advantages, disadvantages and features needs to be seriously considered before putting data on the cloud. The paper also describes its merits and demerits on the principle of SWOT analysis. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Library-Cloud, Computer Applications, Library Software, SWOT Analysis 2. What is Cloud Computing?



Cloud computing is a technology that uses the web (Internet) and central remote servers to maintain data, software and application. Cloud computing allows users to use applications without installation in their local machine to access their personal and official files on any computer with internet access. This technology allows users to access much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory and processing. This is not a new technology; it’s associated since inception of the web. In the libraries cloud computing is used to build a digital library and to automate housekeeping operations using third party services, software and hardware. Cloud computing refers to both applications delivered as a service over the internet and the systems software in the data centers that provide services. In simple words the datacenters, hardware and systems software is what we can call a cloud. A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo mail, Gmail etc. One does not need any software or server to store them. These services are free to all users till some limit, any extra storage capacity and advanced services are available at cost. 8th Convention PLANNER-2012 Sikkim University, Gangtok, March 01-03, 2012 © INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad

Cloud computing means cloud based networking environment. Cloud computing contains set of software and hardware resources which are available on the internet and its services are managed by third-party. These services provide access to advanced software applications and high configured servers. Service provider performs role of consultant. Cloud computing is a web based computing where shared resources, applications and information are provided to the set of computers and other devices on demand using web technology. Cloud computing is based on internet; generally the internet is commonly visualized as a cloud. Therefore, the process of cloud computing is being done through set of web enabled applications loaded on the server with proper access rights. Various definitions and interpretations of ‘Cloud’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ exist. “Internet based computing in which large group of remote servers are networked so as to allow sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources.” 1

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8th Convention PLANNER 2012

Cloud Computing for Libraries: A SWOT Analysis

2.1 Segments of Cloud computing Following are different segments of cloud computing: 1) Application: The application segment is the part of internet technology which is proved already as the constructive and helpful model. When many individual applications are accessed through the central server of cloud, the library (Institute) will demand severe cost. On the other hand, the applications of on-demand are not similar in the price scheme and delivering process to the users. In short an application is the first segment without which a concept of cloud computing cannot be survived. 2) Storage: The backbone of the main concept of Cloud Computing is called infrastructure or storage. All the vendors will permit the users to create their own cloud applications within the limited space. The popular S3 of Amazon is considered as a storage...
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