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Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is broadly classified into two categories:

a.)Specific need based segmentation

* Enhancement needs : this cater the need for having fresh breath and whiteness of teeth  * Hygienic needs : This caters to the overall Oral care need

b.)Demographic segmentation The segmentation was specially to target youth between 18-25 years, however it did not alienate the people who were above the age of 30 years (especially the ones who feel young at heart).This product was also targeted to those groups of audiences who liked experimenting with different products. Close up is targeted at young people; the target market being “Multi Brand Households” where the young does not use what their parents use. This particular targeting was significant when Close Up was launched because Colgate positioning was a sort of oral care and hygiene benefits .Also, Colgate was going for a broad market constituting of all the age groups.


A large part of Close Up's success is because of its brand positioning. "  
Close up falls under the third pillar of toothpaste “Freshness Segment” particularly dealing the need for white teeth and freshness. Also Close Up has positioned itself for Emotional benefit of closeness and rational benefit of freshness. The name “Close Up” was propounded with a motive of building social confidence to get closer to others. Close Up was positioned as a youth oral care brand from the very beginning. In 2004, the brand was re-launched with a publicity blitz that communicated virtues of a ‘Vitamin Fluoride system’ present in the product -- a powerful mix of vitamins, fluoride, mouthwash and micro-whiteners, for fresher breath and stronger, whiter teeth.




Close Up falls under the umbrella brand HUL – Hindustan Unilever Limited. The level of product may be discussed as below:

Core benefit: Hygiene

Base product – Toothpaste

Expected product – Freshness

Augmented product - Various Flavor 

Future Product – Target sensitivity segment

Product line of Close Up is:
Red Hot
Menthol Chill
Peppermint Splash
Lemon Mint
Fire Freeze

The color of the toothpaste depends upon the flavor. The color also is decided with a motive to evoke the mood and desire to affect the purchase decision of the potential customer. Various colors of the same flavor are tested in the market and the best color for that flavor is selected .The strength of the product is its USP of catering the customers who desire a fresh breath along with white teeth. There were extensive market test conducted by the producer before manufacturing and offering the product in the market. The tests that were conducted were on the basis of the concept, product testing, communication route, and the final advertisement.

 The first-move advantage in the gel market has helped Close Up secure an edge over the other brands. A large part of its success can be attributed to two factors - youth-centric product positioning and an innovative product pipeline. The most recent addition to its arsenal has been the Fire Freeze variant.

The Packaging of Close Up is designed to exhibit liveliness and freshness. The pack of the product has a metallic effect to make it more lively and attractive .It also has a couple being featured on its pack to help the target audience identify with the concept of the product. Close Up was the first brand who featured a couple on its cover

The packaging was designed in par with the competitors in the market. The color of the pack of Close Up was decided as per the color of the toothpaste. The package of the product also comprised with the details as per the norms laid down for consumer product. The packs offere din rural area are relative of smaller, with a motive to enable the daily wage worker to purchase the product.


The price of...
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