Climate of Pakistan

Topics: Pakistan, Sindh, Punjab Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 12, 2012
* Background:
Pakistan lies between the latitudes of 240-N to 360-N and between the longitudes of 610-E to 750-E. It has an area of 796096 km2. In the west, Pakistan shares its longest boundary line of 2250 km, with Afghanistan. In the south-west, a 950 km long border line separates Pakistan from Iran and in the east a 1600 km border is shared by Pakistan and India. 600 km long border cuts across the high Karakoram Range in the north.

* Physical Profile:

Physically Pakistan is located in an area where all status of land can be simultaneously observed. There are areas of the lowest altitude (height above sea level), on one side, and world’s highest mountain peaks on the other. On this basis, Pakistan is divided into three major land forms:

1. Mountainous Regions
2. Plateau Area
3. Plains

* Temperature Zones:

Pakistan is divided into four major zones on the basis of temperature variation of these land forms:
1. North-Western Mountainous Region
2. Upper Indus Plain
3. Lower Indus Plain and Coastal Area
4. The Balochistan Plateau

1. North-Western Mountainous Region:
Winter sustains for eight months in these areas, at times mercury falls below 00 C. They receive rainfall during summers.

2. Upper Indus Plain:
In these areas, it is extremely hot in the months of June and July, dust storms blow, tree leaves become dry and whither. In certain areas, temperature goes as high as 500 C. Winters, however, are short and tolerable. At times it gets very cold and uncomfortable, but generally, the sky remains clear and sun makes the climate pleasant.

3. Lower Indus Plain and Coastal Areas:
Coastal areas form a part of the lower Indus Plain. Sue to cool breeze blowing from sea, in an area of about of 80 km from the coast, moderate temperature is maintained throughout the year.

4. The Balochistan Plateau:
This is a desert area which receives less rainfall than 125 mm rainfall per year. In the most part of the Balochistan...
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