Classroom Rules

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Top 10 Classroom Rules
Written by: Lindsay Shugerman
September 21, 2011
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One of the biggest challenges teachers face is in creating classroom rules. Too many, or too much detail, and students may feel overwhelmed. Too few, and a classroom can deteriorate into chaos. While the exact rules you need depend on the grade level and your students, here are the top 10 rules you probably should have in your classroom.

10. Treat your classmates with respect

This is a broad rule, so consider having this as part of your classroom mission statement, as well as a rule. Involve the students in defining this classroom rule by asking them for examples of behaviors that support or violate this rule. 9. Come to class with the right materials

Unprepared students waste precious classroom time looking for pencils, getting second copies of assignments or borrowing books, so this rule is important to having a successful classroom. If your students might not have access to needed school supplies, or if family situations make it difficult to arrive prepared, you may need to modify this classroom rule to include visits to an in-room supply cabinet at the start of the school day. 8. Use polite language

Teaching children to avoid name calling, swear words and derogatory terms is a critical aspect of teaching today. Make sure your students know that hateful or crude language will not be tolerated in your classroom. 7. Respect school and personal property

Students need to learn that other people’s property is not fair game. Making and enforcing rules against taking, using or damaging personal or school property will help students learn respect and boundaries – essential skills for life. 6. Allow others to talk without interrupting

Listening skills are important for students of all ages. Including this in your classroom rules gives you...
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