Classroom Management

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Portfolio Part III

My philosophy of classroom management is centered on having a solid level of respect between both the teacher and the students. I feel this is crucial element in successful learning and teaching, A classroom environment in which the instructor is not respected results in a classroom full of students that aren’t inclined or interested in learning from the instructor. When a teacher doesn’t respect the students, they lose motivation in successfully teaching their students with their full potential.

In my classroom a strict plan for consequences for negative and positive behavior will be instated and followed. A reward system will be set in place to motivate students, as well as punishment system that will negatively impact students that fall into the category. The rules will be enforced in the same manner for every student to avoid “favoring”. No student will ever have a expectation, and if were to occur every student will be allowed to follow this expectation. The plan will be enforced in this manner so that no student is seen as a favorite or considered a teacher’s pet.

The purpose of imposing the plan in this way is so that the students don’t believe the teacher is single them out, or favoring other students. And making sure the negatively consequences are carried consistently will make the students respect the rules. Giving out rewards on a regular basis will motivate students and give them a much greater drive. An example of a positive reward I will put in place for my students could be along the lines of giving out candy for achieving high scores on exams, or consistently turning in homework. A consequence for negative behavior could be along the lines of holding in students inside of the classroom during break or lunch for repeatedly being late to class.

In my classroom I will make it clear to every student that I am available for help at anytime. Additionally I will go on with the statement and make sure that I am...
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