Classroom Management

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Chapter 1



The center of any educative process is the learner and the task of the teacher is to guide the learner in the learning process at various stages of his/her development. Managing classroom discipline is one of the most significant activities of teachers in school Classroom management strategies are of vital importance for the teachers who are looking for ways to tackle the chaos and indiscipline in their classes. The relevance of classroom management which emphasizes teaching in relation to management and use of instructional materials and teacher-managed time to promote learning is highly important to education because it is the teacher as a classroom manager who has the greatest influence on learning. The undesirable behavior of pupils are considered one of the most annoying issues to teachers in general and for new teachers in particular, and preventing such behaviors is a difficult job for the teacher. When the teacher’s efforts fail to stop the unaccepted behavior in the classroom, he will be in need of corrective procedures to stop such behaviors. Successful teaching requires applying control and discipline in the classroom in order to fulfill the effective teaching. Classroom management is an important element in the modern instructional system because it affects each element in the system either the inputs, outputs and feedback. It is also an important activity which contains many instructional concepts, such as planning, execution, evaluation and methods of dealing with the students to stimulate their motivation and helping them to fulfill the exclusive growth in all their personal aspects, such as mental, social or physiological. The teacher is one of the most important factors that can participate in achieving this growth and development. The concept of classroom management as an organized planned operation in which the teacher directs his efforts to lead the classroom activities and the students forms of conduct by spreading the proper environment to achieve planned educational purposes, which are prepared by the teachers. In this regard, as mandated in Article VIII Section 6 of the Code of Ethical and Professional Standards for Professional Teachers to wit:

The above mentioned provision emphasizes that though classroom discipline is the key to run the teaching-learning process and it is part of classroom management, teachers should not be too harsh in disciplining their students. In Juan Sumulong Elementary School, based on the observation of the researcher, pupils misbehave inside the classroom. There are many cases of pupils’ misbehavior experienced by teacher. Teachers also complain about the unruly behavior of pupils. In view of this, the researcher was prompted to conduct the study to assess the classroom management practices of teachers in school. Setting of the Study

The study was conducted in Juan Sumulong Elementary School located in Antipolo City. The school offers complete elementary education with fast learners and slow learners in every grade level. The school has a guidance program and other facilities to serve pupils’ needs. Likewise, different school activities are undertaken to develop pupils’ potentials and abilities. Moreover, in-service meetings and faculty development program are held in school to improve teachers’ competencies. Figure 1 shows the map of Juan Sumulong Elementary School in Antipolo City.

Theoretical Framework
The study is anchored on Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning Theory as cited by Bustos (2000). Classical Conditioning is based on the basic stimulus-response sequential relationship about behavior changes. it is based on the adhesive principle which means that a response is attached to a stimulus through the stimulus occurring just prior to the response so that the recurrence of...
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