Classmate Profile (Narrative Essay)

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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Classmate Interview and Profile

Another hot, blissful and sizzling summer has officially ended which tells us that we need to be less idle and to be more serious with ourselves in behalf of a new chapter in our school lives which is about to begin. While walking in the hallways of the school to my new classroom, something popped in to my mind, it’s a new semester again; new school, new professors, new environment and new classmates. It got me thinking; will I make new friends? Will I ever have one? Will I fit in this class? There are so many questions in my head that as I entered the room, the Professor already started discussing the syllabus, I thought, “Shoot! I’m late at the first day of class, what a very good start”. Then I quickly got a copy of the syllabus and a paper that I need to pass at the end of the class. I was very busy answering the paper, when the Professor announced that there would be an activity and we need to find a pair. I was so much engrossed in answering the paper that finding a partner never came up in my mind. Good thing, luck was in my side, someone didn’t have a partner. Professor then led me to a lean guy with black shiny hair, bright brown eyes with fair complexion that looks Spanish. He gave off an aura of an outgoing and an athletic person. We said hi to each other and exchanged names. His name is Jose and his friends call him Jay. He was born in Stamford, Connecticut but he now lives in Norwalk. He is a Puerto Rican. To start off the conversation, I asked him, “Why of all the schools in Connecticut, you chose to study in Norwalk Community College?” Then he answered, ”Because it was cheap and it was close.” He is taking up Computer Science and he told me that he’s a geek when it comes to computers. He fixes his father’s computer for fun, he does football, he enjoys eating, he likes working out and he loves going to the bar with his friends and hangs out at his house, his friends’ house and his relatives’ house. To keep the...
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