Classical Theory Essay About Solidarity

Topics: Sociology, Émile Durkheim, Social cohesion Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Solidarity is the degree and type of integration, which is presented by a society or crowd with people and their fellow citizens. Solidarity refers to the bond that’s in a society that keeps people tied with one another. What makes the basis of solidarity depends on the type of society you are in. In a more humble society it may be mainly based around relationships and shared values. In more complex societies there are numerous theories that determine the sense of social solidarity. Durkheim used the words "mechanical" and "organic solidarity" as part of his theory of the development of societies in “The Division of Labor in Society”. In a society that displays mechanical solidarity, its consistency and combination comes from the similarity of people who feel connected because they do similar things such as work, education, religious training, and just plain lifestyles. Mechanical solidarity usually works in "old-fashioned" and small like societies. In a not so complex society solidarity is usually built on kinship ties of the same networks. Organic solidarity comes from the interdependence that arises from knowledge of work and the complementarities between people a development which occurs in "modern" and "industrial" societies. “Solidarity is social cohesion based upon the dependence individuals have on each other in more advanced societies” (1991). Although people implement different tasks and sometimes have different values and curiosities, the order and very solidarity of society depends on their support on each other to complete a specified task. Social solidarity is preserved in more compound societies through the interdependence of its component parts for example, when farmers harvest the food to feed the factory workers that produce the tractors that permits the farmer to produce more food. Durkheim acknowledged four different conservational conditions that he thought were responsible for the different forms of suicidal statistics, which consist of...
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