Classical Argument: Legalize Marijuana

Topics: Crime, Mexican Drug War, Hemp Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: January 17, 2011
The Truth about Legalizing Marijuana

The prohibition of marijuana dates back to 1937 when Harry J. Anslinger, director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, caused the ratification of the Marijuana Tax Act. The Marijuana Tax Act placed a tax on the sale of cannabis that equaled roughly one dollar. The act did not outright criminalize the use or possession of marijuana, but violations of the acts policies could have resulted in $2000 fines or up to 5 years in prison. The hearing for the Marijuana Tax Act used yellow journalism accounts as fact, distorted AMA statements, and exploited the people’s ignorance of the topic. When a Dr. William C. Woodward disputed the perceived “evidence” he was verbally assaulted by the committee and chairman of the hearing. When marijuana was made federally illegal in 1937 the lawmakers used lies, yellow journalism, propaganda, fear, and the people’s ignorance of the topic. There was no scientific evidence, facts, or research presented. Its use has been traced to earlier than 7000 B.C. and has been illegal for less than 1% of the time that it’s been used. Legalizing marijuana can do nothing but good for our country economically and financially, as well as create jobs for an estimated hundreds of thousands of Americans. Marijuana should be made legal because the benefits by far outweigh any potential detriment that would be brought by legalization.

“Why do you think marijuana is bad?” is a question that isn’t asked often enough. When most people take the time to actually think about it, they find they have no real answer except that “it just is.” Many people believe that legalizing marijuana will increase the number of teenage users. This is simply not true. If legalized, marijuana would be taxed, regulated, and banned to minors very much like cigarettes and alcohol. According to the official proposition to end marijuana prohibition, Proposition 19, “Allows people 21 years old or older to possess,...
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