Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

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  • Published : August 6, 2011
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The right to legalize marijuana has been around for a long time. As the years passed people have brought back the issue of legalizing marijuana. And for this reason is why people are taking action to oppose the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana should not be legalized. Marijuana should not be legalized because of its physical effects, financial problems, and government issues. First of all, marijuana should not be legalized because of the physical effects. The use of marijuana affects the person by causing “impairment of short-term memory, logical thinking, hallucinations, energy loss, toxic effect on brain nerve cells, risk of chronic bronchitis, impaired immune system, and etc”. Because of these of effects many people should know why they shouldn’t smoke marijuana. And by not legalizing marijuana many people don’t have to worry about these effects. Second, marijuana should not be legalized because it causes financial problems. By smoking marijuana many people would end up buying marijuana instead of their needs. For example, people would rather buy marijuana instead of buying food for their family. Since people who smoke marijuana, they have a craving for it. And if marijuana were not legalized, less people would have to go through those cravings. Third, marijuana should not be legalized because of government issues. If marijuana is legalized the government would not make any money since the people won’t be buying cigarettes any more. And if the cigarettes are not sold, the government will have financial problems because that is how they make their money. And for these reasons is why the government would have government issues due to marijuana legalization. There are over 10,000 scientific studies that prove marijuana is a harmful addictive drug. There is not one reliable study that demonstrates marijuana has any medical value. Marijuana is an unstable mixture of more than 425 chemicals that convert to...
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