Clancy of the Overflow

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Clancy of the Overflow Analysis

Bush poetry gives people a unique and interesting prospective into the people who made this country the way it is today and the history behind it. Clancy of the Overflow is a well known bush poem by poet AB “Banjo” Paterson. Clancy of the overflow is about a person from the city who met a drover/ shearer named Clancy. After meeting him he becomes jealous of Clancy’s lifestyle which is better than his city life. In this poem Banjo uses a variety of poetic devices to get his message across like the use of suggestive language, descriptive language and imagery.

Banjo uses suggestive language to make the reader realise that country life is much better than city life where it is crowded and dirty. This becomes evident where the speaker says “As the stock are slowly stringing, Clancy rides behind them singing, for the drover's life has pleasures that the townsfolk never know.” And also “the foetid air and gritty of the dusty, dirty city through the open window floating, spreads its foulness over all.” These quotes suggest that Banjo is trying to convey that city life isn’t as good as country life where you can be free instead of being stuck in an office all day being sweaty and sticky. Banjo tries to convey that being in the country is a better quality of life. “In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars, and he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended”. This suggests that Banjo is tying to convince the readers that the ideal Australian person has bushman like qualities eg friendliness, adventurous and laid back opposed to the people living in the city who are condescending, unfriendly and arrogant.

Banjo also uses descriptive language he uses this to silence all the negative aspects of the country life and any positive aspect of the city life. He uses the words “sunlit plains”, “wondrous glory” and “vision splendid” to describe the country lifestyle and the words “dingy...
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